Batman: Arkham Knight 3.5GB Day One Patch Revealed--Here's What It Does

Less than a week to go before Rocksteady's new Batman game arrives.


With just a few more days to go before Batman: Arkham Knight's release next week, developer Rocksteady Studios is pushing out a day-one patch that includes various improvements and fixes for the action game.

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According to online reports, the patch weighs in at 3.5GB. And per a PlayStation Lifestyle report, the patch will offer the following changes to Arkham Knight:

  • Improved Performance
  • Stability Fixes
  • New feature: Rival Points
  • New feature: Original Batsuit skin available to select
  • Support for "A Matter Of Family" additional content (this is the preorder-exclusive prequel DLC)
  • General gameplay, graphical, audio, UI, and localization fixes

Although Arkham Knight does not arrive June 23, reviews for the game started coming online today. GameSpot scored the game a 7/10. Critic Kevin VanOrd wrote:

"Rather than escape the pull of the games that spawned it, The Bat's newest adventure refines the fundamentals; it is a safe but satisfying return to the world's most tormented megalopolis."

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