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It's Avengers Vs. X-Men In Marvel Snap's March Update

Be right back, assembling an Avengers deck.


A new season of Marvel Snap kicks off this week, and after February's focus on the Thanos support squad, March is all about the Avengers and the X-Men. Specifically, Avengers vs. X-Men, as Earth's mightiest mortals will be squaring off against Marvel's mutants this month. Inspired by the 2012 crossover event, Marvel Snap players can look forward to five new cards, more variant designs, and two new locations to strategically take advantage of in matches.

This month's new cards offer some variety and chaos, cunning counters, and strategic resource management if used correctly. Meanwhile, the new zones will help you bust out some powerful mid-level cards sooner and power up your other characters in battle. For anyone who has been on the receiving end of a Professor X shutdown, War Machine is going to come in very handy. This card's On Reveal effect activates the next turn it plays and allows you to play your cards anywhere, making it invaluable for games where zones like Crimson Cosmos are active or Goose is in play.

On the X-Men side, Cannonball looks like he could work very nicely with a Wong and Odin combo. His On Reveal ability allows him to move the highest-power enemy card away from a zone, and if there's no space available, he destroys it and replaces it with a Rock in that spot.

The new Krakoa zone could be very handy, as the first card you play on it will see the power of that character added to the top card of your deck. The other zone, Utopia, will make reduce the energy cost of three- and four-cost cards by one.

New Marvel Snap Avengers vs. X-Men cards

Marvel Snap's new season pass card, Hope Summers.
Marvel Snap's new season pass card, Hope Summers.

Hope Summers

After you play a card here, you get +2 energy next turn.


On reveal: Shuffle the costs of all cards in your deck that started there.


On reveal: Move the highest-power enemy card away from here. If you can't destroy it with a Rock.

War Machine

On reveal: Until the end of the next turn, nothing can stop you from playing your cards anywhere.


Costs one less for each of your cards in play that didn't start in your deck.

New Marvel Snap locations

The new Krakoa and Utopia locations.
The new Krakoa and Utopia locations.


Your first play here adds its power to the top of your deck.


Three and four-cost cards cost one less.

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