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Avalanche falling on New York

Just Cause developer setting up new, AAA-focused shop in Big Apple; original project for next-gen platforms due in 2014.


The Big Apple may have lost a developer this week with THQ's closure of Kaos Studios, but it's getting one right back, courtesy of Avalanche Studios. Today, the Just Cause developer said that it plans to open a new studio in New York City this fall, aimed at creating new big-budget games.

Why is Avalanche setting up a new studio in New York? Just cause.
Why is Avalanche setting up a new studio in New York? Just cause.

Avalanche's new studio will focus on creating "large-scale, online-enabled original [intellectual property] for next-generation consoles, handhelds and PC." The Sweden-based company plans to staff the new studio with up to 50 developers within its first two years of operation.

Of note, Avalanche is targeting the studio's first game for "next-generation platforms." Former Mindspark Interactive creative director Roland Lesterlin will fill the director's chair on the project, which is due for release in 2014.

Heading up the new studio will be David Grijns, who has previously filled executive-level roles at Activision and Atari. Avalanche also noted that it is lending a team of senior staff from the studio's Stockholm headquarters to its new New York operations.

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