THQ shutters Kaos, Digital Warrington

Publisher shuts down Homefront, Juiced studios as part of "strategic realignment"; Homefront IP moved to Montreal.


Kaos Studios' first-person shooter Homefront created quite the headache for THQ upon its release in March, after investors threw an apoplectic fit over the game's generally mixed review scores. And though the game has gone on to ship more than 2.6 million units, Kaos will not be around to develop the game's proposed sequel.

Homefront proved to be Kaos Studios' last stand.
Homefront proved to be Kaos Studios' last stand.

THQ has confirmed for GameSpot today that it has closed New York-based Kaos Studios, as well as its UK-located outfit Digital Warrington (formerly Juice Games). THQ declined to comment on how many employees will be let go as part of the studio closures, noting only that impacted staff will be given the opportunity to apply to other groups in the company.

"THQ confirmed today that it has made a strategic realignment within its internal studio structure and is in the process of closing two locations: the company's UK studio and Kaos studio in New York," the publisher's statement reads.

Kaos Studios' Homefront franchise will be moved to THQ's Montreal studio, which was founded last year under the auspices of Assassin's Creed creative director Patrice Desilets. According to THQ, the Montreal studio actively assisted Kaos on development of the original Homefront. THQ Montreal is also said to be creating new intellectual property for the publisher.

Digital Warrington had most recently been associated with the downloadable effort Red Faction: Battlegrounds, which received middling review scores upon its release in April. The studio is also known for the Juiced racing franchise.

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