Aussie emulation mash-up: July 14-18

Crosswords, elephants, and pirates all in one week.


It's not just trailers from E3 that found their way onto Xbox Live this week, but also Double D Dodgeball and Coffeetime Crosswords, which went up on Wednesday. For all you retro fans, DDD features an arcade graphics style and can be played with up to eight players. Coffeetime Crosswords comes with more than 150 different puzzles and can be played cooperatively with an extra player. Both games cost 800 Microsoft points.

Like Xbox Live, Sony's PlayStation Network Store saw the addition of a whole bunch of E3-related trailers, and it also got Elefunk and Fatal Inertia EX. Elefunk features, you guessed it, elephants, as they try to escape their captors and return to the savannah. To accomplish this, you need to build bridges to help them get from place to place. Elefunk costs A$12.95 ($12.57). If shepherding elephants isn't your thing, then futuristic racing might tickle your fancy in Fatal Inertia EX. The game will only be available for download over the PSN and features a variety of gameplay tweaks that the original Xbox 360 version didn't have. On top of that, a training arena and support for the DualShock 3 controller have been added. Fatal Interia EX costs A$29.95 ($29.11).

Last but not least is Nintendo's WiiWare, which sees only one game being released this week in the form of Pirates: The Key of Dreams. PKD is a top-down arcade shooter that has 10 levels for you to commit piracy on with up to three other sailors on the high seas. Pirates: The Key of Dreams will set you back 1,000 pieces of gold, ahem...Wii points.

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