AU Shippin' Out July 15-19: DARK

This week's releases are all about role playing. Step into the shoes of a newborn vampire or face off against evil to save the world.


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It looks like the common theme is role playing this week, with Aussie gamers given the choice to either play as a vampire killer or take up arms against an evil power to save the world.

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Stealth role-playing game DARK hits the 360 and PC on July 18. Protagonist Eric Bane may be a powerful vampire, but players have the option to stealth through levels and overcome obstacles whilst avoiding straight combat.

If a fight does break out, Bane has an arsenal of special abilities at his disposal, which must be replenished in the traditional vampiric way--by drinking blood.

Fans of the Arcadia series will be keen for Arcania: The Complete Tale, a re-release of fantasy role-playing game Arcania: Gothic 4 and its follow-up expansion, Arcania: Fall of Setarrif.

Arcania: Gothic 4 received a mixed reaction in GameSpot's review, praised for “being a straightforward, easy-to-play hack-and-slash RPG”, but criticised for its story and poorly translated dialogue.

For more details on games out this week, check the full list below.

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15 July, 2013
Arcania: The Complete Tale (360, PS3)

18 July, 2013
DARK (360, PC)

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