Atomic Betty E3 2005 Hands-On

We play through a one-level demo of Namco's Cartoon Network-inspired action game for GBA.


During a recent visit to Namco's E3 booth we were able to play through a one-level demo of Atomic Betty on the Game Boy Advance. Based on the Cartoon Network show of the same name, Atomic Betty will see you assuming the titular role of Betty as she attempts to thwart the evil plans of Maximus Minimus. You'll actually be able to switch between three playable characters as you play through each of the game's levels, since Betty is joined on her adventure by the likes of Sparky, X-5, Noah, and Paloma.

The level on show at E3 let us take control of Betty, X-5, and Sparky, and we had to use all of their unique skills to make it through the simplistic puzzle-filled level. The puzzles in the level amounted to little more than locating switches to access new areas for the most part, but there were also occasions when we had to use X-5's "grab" ability to get a key, and Betty's "bubble" ability to have one of her colleagues float up to a new area. Other abilities and gadgets that you'll be able to use in the game include rolling through narrow passages, kung fu attacks, running slides, grappling hooks, jetpacks, and more.

We were told that Atomic Betty will also feature shooter levels in which you assume control of Betty's Hyper-Galactic Star Cruiser flying through space, but we didn't get to see anything like that in action on the show floor. We'll bring you more information on Atomic Betty as its November release date closes in.

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