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Atlas Fallen Combat Trailer Shows Off Its High-Risk, High-Reward Gameplay

There are plenty of ways to customize your gameplay style in this upcoming action-RPG.


Focus Entertainment has released a lengthy combat trailer for Atlas Fallen today, showing off its combat and the high-risk, high-reward Momentum system.

Due out next month after receiving a delay earlier this year, Deck13's next game Atlas Fallen is an action-RPG that looks like it should appeal to fans of Devil May Cry's combat, if the trailer released today is anything to go off of. The main weapon you'll use in the game is a "divine artifact," a gauntlet that is "infused with the power to shape the sand," of the sand-covered world around you.

You'll use the gauntlet both offensively and defensively, and it seems that you'll be able to customize it to change up your combat style. You're able to equip two main weapons at the same time, which you can switch between on the fly to build up some combos. There are some classic weapons like a big hammer and knuckle dusters (with the dust being almost literal). Weapons also "evolve" during combat, growing bigger and more deadly as you fight.

The other main feature you'll need to put to good use during combat is Momentum, essentially an energy meter that you'll have to balance carefully. Using Momentum lets you pull off special attacks and different effects, and the more you have, the stronger your weapons are. This does come with a caveat though, as you also take more damage when your Momentum is higher.

Momentum is also tied to how you can customize your character, with the game having over 150 essence stones to collect that let you pull off various attacks and techniques.

Atlas Fallen is out August 10, and will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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