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Asuka R# Joins Guilty Gear Strive As The Final Character In Season Pass 2

The Guilty Gear Strive roster is making room for That Man.


Arc System Works has revealed the final downloadable character for Season Pass 2 of Guilty Gear Strive: Asuka R#, who once served as the main antagonist of the Guilty Gear series under the name That Man, will join the roster on May 25.

Asuka is a projective-heavy character who wields 26 different spells in a match. He briefly appeared previously in the game's story mode via cutscenes, but despite being a former final boss character, this marks the first time Asuka is playable in any Guilty Gear game.

Asuka R# is the final character to be released as part of Season Pass 2, where he will join Bridget, Sin Kiske, and Bedman?. Arc System Works has already announced plans for a third season pass of downloadable characters, but no specific names have been revealed as of this writing.

Along with his reveal trailer, we also have an exclusive look at Asuka R# in action, with the former That Man battling against Giovanna and Sol Badguy in two full-length matches. Asuka's multiple projectile-based attacks feature throughout both matches, as well as a massive sword he can summon from inside his spell book when an opponent closes in..

Asuka R# isn't the only new addition coming to Guilty Gear Strive on May 25, as a brand-new stage called Tir na Nog will also be part of Season Pass 2's content. The stage shows a "space colony created by humankind to survive in outer space," with a massive telescope present in the background. A pair of color packs celebrating the franchise's 25th anniversary--the Anniversary Pack and the Appreciation Pack--will also be available, with the Appreciation Pack releasing as a free download for all players.

Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Two downloadable content packs--Season Pass 1 and Season Pass 2--are also available, which each one adding new characters, stages, and more to the game.

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