Assassin's Creed Valhalla: How To Find The Yellow Longship

What can we say, the traitor did a very good job of hiding the evidence against them.


In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, protagonist Eivor will be tasked with securing alliances with the existing rulers of ninth century England. After building your settlement at the start of the game, you'll have the choice of first aligning with Grantebridgescire (kicking off "The Song of Soma" story arc) or Ledecestrescire (kicking off "The Sons of Ragnar" story arc). The former includes a multi-part mystery investigation where you have to oust a traitor, and one of the clues you need to find--a yellow longship--is a bit tricky to locate.

It's worth noting that you can technically deduce and/or guess the correct answer to the traitor's identity without finding all of (or any) of the hints. However, collecting all of the evidence certainly helps make the decision easier, especially the yellow-painted longship, as it is the most important clue to find, recontextualizing many of the other pieces of evidence.

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Full warning: the rest of this article assumes that you have at least reached Chapter 5, Part 1 of The Song of Soma, titled The Stench of Treachery. We won't tell you the answer to who the traitor is, but we need to discuss the mission and the area it takes place in to point out the location of the longship.

In the midst of your investigation, Soma will remind you to check the secret underground tunnel, which only she and her three closest companions--Galinn, Birna, and Lif--knew about. Go down the tunnel and follow the clues, which ultimately suggest that the traitor used some yellow paint to color their longship. The trail of wet paint leads to the river, where the longship once sat.

Here is where the game asks you to make a very large deductic leap. Assumedly, you're supposed to guess that since no one saw the yellow-painted longship, it must have sailed away from the city of Grantebridge. So sail to the right, up the Great Ouse River. Just past Utbech, you'll hit a fork. Guessing to go to the right--where it's foggy and easy to hide a ship--is the correct answer. You'll know you're on the right track if it starts getting really foggy, and navigation becomes difficult.

Eventually, you'll break through the fog and discover a small island-like cropping of marshland. You'll see the yellow-painted longship beached on its shore, surrounded by a group of bandits. For a more exact location, look at the image embedded below.

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Kill the bandits and investigate the longship. On it, you'll find a clue. This clue doesn't tell you much but it provides context to what you'll learn interviewing Galinn, Birna, and Lif, as well as the townspeople around Grantebridge if you haven't done that already. If you need additional help decoding the clues, go to Soma and she will talk with Eivor about what has been discovered and learned.

You'll know you guessed right if The Song of Soma Chapter 5, Part 2 (titled An Island of Eels) ends with a character choosing to join Eivor's settlement. If no character joins you and Soma and Eivor leave on peaceful but strained terms, then you guessed wrong. Unfortunately, if you accuse the wrong person, Soma will remain angry and distant towards Eivor for the rest of the campaign.

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