Assassin's Creed IV players can now buy the retailer-specific bonuses as DLC

Illustrious Pirates DLC available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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Ubisoft has released the Illustrious Pirates DLC for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

Illustrious Pirates collates all of the game's retailer-specific preorder content into one pack, including the three single-player missions Black Island, Mystery Island, and Sacrifice Island. Multiple Jawckdaw decorations, outfits, and items for the game's multiplayer mode are also included in the bundle.

Ubisoft says the Illustrious Pirates DLC costs $7, and is also included with the game's Season Pass. The content is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 now, and will arrive on European PlayStation platforms today, and globally on PC tomorrow.

The full list of items included:

  • Black Island – Single-player mission
  • The Black Ship
  • Captain Morgan’s Outfit, Picture and Title
  • Captain Morgan’s Silver Flintlock Pistols
  • Mystery Island – Single-player mission
  • Digital Illustrated Fable
  • Stede Bonnet’s Ship
  • Stede Bonnet’s Outfits
  • Other Multiplayer Items
  • Sacrifice Island – Single-player mission
  • Captain Drake’s Picture, Title and Relics – Multiplayer item
  • Captain Drake’s Swords and Pistols
  • Ivory Wheel – Decorative wheel for your ship
  • Iron Wheel – Decorative wheel for your ship
  • Discoverer Title and Picture – Multiplayer item
  • Astrolab Relic – Multiplayer item
  • Compass Relic – Multiplayer item
  • Cartographer Picture and Titler – Multiplayer item
  • German Rapier Swords
  • Spyglass Relic – Multiplayer item
  • Watch Title and Picture – Multiplayer item

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