ASMR Food Experience Brings Every Squishy Kitchen Sound To Your PC In New Steam Game

Hertz so good.


For those of you who have been eagerly anticipating a food-focused video game that accurately captures the sounds of a busy kitchen, you can get your headset ready for ASMR Food Experience. Announced by publisher PlayWay, the game is aiming to combine sound and visual triggers into an experience that sends good vibes down your spine.

Or if you're not a fan of ASMR, it'll cause horrifying shudders throughout your body that makes you feel as if a thousand ants have begun crawling over your skin. ASMR--which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response--is described as a pleasant tingling sensation around the head, neck, and shoulders that occurs as a result of exposure to a specific stimulus.

To capture that triggering stimuli, developer Gameparic explained on its Steam page that the game contains a wide variety of sounds that are designed to generate sensations of calmness, excitement, stress relief, and more. When you're not intensely listening as you dice up baby carrots and you focus on the dull thud that your knife makes when it it hits the chopping board, you'll be focusing on running your restaurant in ASMR Food Experience.

This includes organizing deliveries, keeping your kitchen clean, and maintaining the condition of your establishment so that you can earn a high rating. There's no release date yet for ASMR Food Experience, and as spotted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, PlayWay has many in-development games currently listed on Steam that are focused on other job simulator ideas.

Gameparic also has a dozen other projects that's it's busy on, so it may be a while before you can crank up the volume and listen to some steak being grilled to perfection.

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