Army of Four cover blown?

Voice actor's Twitter post mentions role in new Electronic Arts game "AO4," later says he may have gotten games mixed up.


There could be a third Army of Two game arriving under the name Army of Four. A voice actor indicated as much today in a Twitter post spotted by a NeoGAF message board member.

OK, three spots filled, one to go…
OK, three spots filled, one to go…

"Just signed on to do the new AO4 video game for Electronic Arts," the tweet states. "Some splinter from Battlefield. Finally, my kids think I am cool again."

Although they are both military-themed shooters, Army of Two is not actually a Battlefield spin-off. A follow-up post on the same account acknowledged as much, saying, "Showing how distinctively uncool I am, I think I have those games mixed up."

A third Army of Two game was first hinted at last year with a pair of job listings to work on the franchise at the Montreal branch of Visceral Games. At the time, EA would say only that "Army of Two continues to be a very important franchise" for the publisher.

2008's original Army of Two focused on two-player cooperative action. Gamers could play together online as mercenary protagonists Salem and Rios, or take control of one of the mercs in single-player, with AI controlling the other character. Army of Two: The 40th Day followed up in early 2010 and is set during a fictional military attack on Shanghai.

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