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Ark: Survival Ascended Console Release Date Revealed, Cross-Play Confirmed

The dino game's remake now has a release date on console, and it's soon.


The Ark: Survival Evolved remake, Survival Ascended, is coming to console soon and there will be cross-play support at launch. In a blog post, developer Studio Wildcard said the Xbox edition will launch on November 14 and it will be up-to-date with the PC edition, which released at the end of October.

In addition to cross-play support between Xbox and PC, there will be brand-new servers, including Xbox-specific servers. The PlayStation edition is currently being finalized, Studio Wildcard said, and it's projected to release at the end of November. Studio Wildcard said the PlayStation version, whenever it's ready, will have cross-play support between PC and Xbox at launch. There will be PlayStation-specific servers, too, so players can opt to only play inside their own platform.

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Previously, the console editions of Survival Ascended were delayed after Studio Wildcard discovered "critical issues."

The console editions of Survival Ascended will include an array of bug fixes from the PC launch, as well as performance improvements and a bolstering of the game's security infrastructure. You can see the full patch notes on the Ark website.

"We know there is still plenty more work to be done on all of those fronts, but we're committed to making Ark: Survival Ascended the best survival game it can be," Studio Wildcard said. "We'll continue to release patches with bug fixes and performance improvements in the coming days, along with major feature additions over the coming weeks."

Ark: Survival Ascended is described as a "top-to-bottom" remake of the original Ark, featuring significantly improved graphics and many other updated features via Unreal Engine 5. Since launch on PC, the game has accumulated a "mixed" user review score, with some complaining that Survival Ascended is a full-priced game. In any event, it's proving to be very popular, overtaking the original Ark with concurrent users. The original Ark also remains very, very popular on Steam.

Studio Wildcard is also developing Ark 2, featuring Vin Diesel, for release in 2024.

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