Argonaut unveils Orchid

Argonaut releases the first information on and screenshots from its stylized 3D action game for the Xbox.


Argonaut has finally revealed its 3D beat-'em-up Orchid. The game, which is currently being developed for the Microsoft Xbox, stars a young amnesiac girl who has just awoken from a coma and is being chased by a mysterious corporate army. The girl is anything but ordinary, however, as she has a variety of physical gifts, including the ability to conjure up powerful monsters. As the game begins, the girl must discover her past and escape the clutches of her corporate enemies.

Orchid takes place in a 3D world, and it has a unique cel-shading-style look. The game will feature a free-roaming battle system where players will be able to roam large worlds and engage enemies in one-on-one fights. Argonaut has enlisted the aid of Tony Daniel from the comic book world to pen the game's script, which will be told through over an hour of cutscenes. Several unnamed Hollywood actors will also be recruited to provide the voices in the game, according to the UK-based developer.

Orchid is currently in development for the Xbox, but pending publisher negotiations, the game could also be released on the Nintendo GameCube and the Sony PlayStation 2. No release information has been announced at this time.

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