Apple TV+'s Mythic Quest Returns In Special Episode Featuring Anthony Hopkins

Mythic Quest is back today with a special episode featuring Anthony Hopkins and an unusual-looking team building exercise.


After a sweet and somber season one finale, Apple TV+'s Mythic Quest is back with a special episode featuring Anthony Hopkins and an unusual-looking team building exercise. The episode, titled "Everlight," comes three weeks ahead of the show's season two premiere on Monday 7, and wraps up the current quarantine arc established in the season one special. According to executive producer Rob McElhenney, "Everlight" seeks to address "the practical and emotional difficulties of returning to normalcy."

Written by Ashly Burch (who also plays game tester Rachel in the show), "Everlight" picks up several months after season one ends and follows the developers behind fictional MMO Mythic Quest as they return to the studio after a long and stressful period of working from home. In order to unify the team following their separation, creative director Ian Grimm (McElhenney) plans a day of live-action role-playing for the staff in the shape of an annual holiday called "Everlight." However, in classic Mythic Quest fashion, Ian and his now-fellow co-creative director, Poppy Li (Charlotte Nicado), have very different ideas as to what the celebration is about and hijinks ensue.

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Despite airing ahead of Mythic Quest's sophomore season, "Everlight" was shot towards the middle of season two's production in an effort to adhere to guidelines established to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, this wasn't completely effective, and McElhenney admitted transmissions did occur on set, adding a very unfortunate weight and authenticity to the show's quarantine arc.

For those unfamiliar with Mythic Quest, which first came to Apple TV+ February 2020, the half-hour comedy show follows a game studio as they struggle with the press, bugs, and each other. Written and produced by several of the folks from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia--and co-starring Dany Pudi of Community--it feels a lot like a strange combination of both, and it works. The entire first season, as well as "Everlight," are available to stream on Apple TV+ now.

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