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Apple Is Reportedly Developing A Very Expensive VR Headset

The headset will apparently feature a processor that could be more powerful than the one in its new computers.


It appears the VR space could get a little more crowded, but the new entrant is taking a different approach to the technology. Apple is reportedly developing an expensive headset that will serve as the first step toward an even more advanced device--likely AR glasses--further down the line.

According to Bloomberg, the device will feature both VR and AR technology and is capable of gaming, video, and communication functionality. It's planned for a launch as early as next year, though it doesn't sound like a final release window has been nailed down. The company seems to understand that the appeal of a VR device remains niche, with lower sales expectations than it would have for one of its smash-hit products like the iPhone or iPad.

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Part of that will likely also come down to price, which is expected to be far above even the pricier options today like the Valve Index. It will be equipped with a very powerful processor that may even outperform the new M1, thus requiring a fan, and it is avoiding a glasses spacer to keep the device closer to the face but can be equipped with custom prescription lenses. We previously heard Apple was thinking about making a gaming VR headset back in 2019. With new Oculus devices requiring a Facebook account, it's possible Apple could take advantage of this to carve out a niche of anti-Facebook VR fans. The device will be battery-powered, making its alleged power pretty alarming. Especially with it needing a fan, it's tough to see how its battery could last a reasonable amount of time.

VR has certainly got more intriguing over the last few years, with the standalone Oculus Quest headset finding success and more expensive options offering breathtaking full-length experiences. One of these games, Half-Life: Alyx, even managed to win GameSpot's Game of the Year award for 2020, beating out the likes of Hades, The Last of Us: Part 2, and Ghost of Tsushima.

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