Apex Legends Season 18 Gameplay Trailer Confirms Revenant's New Abilities

Apex Legends Season 18: Resurrection will not feature a new legend, but players will still gain access to a new ability set for the undead assassin.


Apex Legends Season 18: Resurrection is almost here, and the recent release of the upcoming season's gameplay trailer confirms that rather than adding a new legend to the game, Respawn developers have decided to instead give a head-to-toe makeover to a fan-favorite legend: Revenant. The undead assassin will also be unlocked for all players for the entirety of Season 18, allowing those who haven't unlocked him yet to get a taste of his new skill set.

Known as "Revenant Reborn," the rework sees Apex's unfriendly neighborhood murderbot get a whole new set of abilities, a new default skin, and an updated voice. His iconic "crying" skull-shaped faceplate has been replaced with one that sports a sinister smile, and the heavy voice filter used to make him sound menacing and robotic has been significantly dialed back. In-game, the change is revealed to be the work of Octane's grandfather, Torres "Duardo" Silva, who wishes to gain control of Revenant for some unknown (but undoubtedly nefarious) purpose.

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According to the new trailer, Revenant's current kit will be replaced with the following abilities when Season 18 goes live:

Passive: Assassin's Instinct

Revenant is keeping his ability to crouch-walk more quickly and quietly than other legends. He's also keeping his ability to climb faster and farther than them. But starting in Season 18, Revenant will also be able to climb horizontally.

His passive also includes another ability--Revenant will be able to see enemies who are under 40 health and within 30 meters meters of him. If Revenant himself is the one to knock an enemy below 40 health, the enemy is highlighted for Revenant's entire team, allowing them to be seen through walls and other obstacles.

Tactical: Shadow Pounce

Revenant now has a jumping ability that can be charged up, sending him flying through the air at a frightening velocity, somewhat similar to Vantage's tactical Echo Relocation ability. This will be especially useful for catching up to teammates who may have run ahead of you, and closing the gap between Revenant and his enemies.

Ultimate: Forged Shadows

Instead of a Death Totem, Revenant can now summon a small horde of Shadows, the spooky legend doppelgängers usually seen during Apex's annual Shadow Royale Halloween event. These Shadows create an overshield that protects Revenant from taking up to 75 damage. This shield can be refreshed by knocking down enemies, but does not apply to most area-of-effect damage hazards, including ring damage and damage caused by Caustic's gas barrels.

"We wanted to keep the fast crouch[-walk] speed and wall climb from before, as it's an iconic part of his old kit," game designer Evan Funnell explained in a recently released video showing 100 Thieves member iiTzTimmy testing out Revenant's new kit.

The gameplay trailer also confirmed that Mixtape Mode will be coming to the Broken Moon map this season, and gave players a glimpse of Season 18's upcoming Death Dynasty Collection Event and Resurrection battle pass.

Apex Legends Season 18: Resurrection begins on Tuesday, August 8 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

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