Apex Legends Trailer Suggests "Revenant Reborn" Coming This Season

Kill Code: Part 2 seems to imply the rumors about Revenant being reworked are true.


Apex Legends Season 18 is inching ever closer, and Respawn seems to be hinting that Revenant will receive a serious makeover this season. Rumors about Revenant's new abilities have been swirling for months, but the premiere of Kill Code: Part 2--an animated YouTube series focusing on a new narrative arc set to last all year--confirms that Revenant is long overdue for a tune-up, and it's coming sooner rather than later.

At the end of the previous episode, Loba, Lifeline, Mad Maggie, and Valkyrie were flying home after raiding an underground facility belonging to Octane's father, Torres "Duardo" Silva. It was then revealed that Loba stole something from the bunker--something that looked very much like one of Revenant's eyes.

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Many Revenant players have noticed an Easter egg that was recently added to the game, which sees Revenant's programming begin to fail, with strange lines of code clouding the player's vision. It seems this was an in-game nod to the next episode of Kill Code, which gives players a better idea what's wrong with everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood murderbot.

Kill Code: Part 2 starts off with Revenant doing what he does best: taking out skinsuits while playing the Apex Games. But when he attempts to use his ultimate ability, Death Totem, he's unable to complete the summoning, and begins to experience various glitches that affect his performance in the ring.

The animated short confirms that the item Loba stole in Part 1 was indeed an eye from Revenant's dwindling supply of spare bodies. As he continues to struggle through the match, he's eventually taken down by Horizon, and begins to witness everything the stolen eye has seen so far. Finally aware of the source of his problems, Revenant tracks the location of the eye, eventually locating Crypto, who has been working with the other legends to decrypt data Lifeline stole from Torres Silva, who the legends suspect is attempting to control Revenant by locating his source code.

Just as Revenant reaches the room, the other legends leave, but Crypto stays behind to continue working. Entering Crypto's room via the ventilation ducts, Revenant attacks, lifting Crypto by his throat and demanding to know what's happening to him. When Crypto looks at the simulacrum, the perspective shifts, revealing that the robot's appearance has drastically changed--as has his voice. Before anything else can be said, the episode ends and "to be continued" appears on the screen.

The episode also confirms Season 18's name, Resurrection, and reveals that the Season 18 gameplay trailer will premiere this Thursday, August 3 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.

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