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Apex Legends Mobile Wins Best Game And Users' Choice At Google Play Awards

After sweeping the competition at both Google's and Apple's yearly awards shows, Apex Mobile will soon face off with Marvel Snap and Diablo Immortal at The Game Awards.


After taking home Apple's iPhone Game Of The Year award earlier this week, Apex Legends Mobile has continued its win streak, taking home two awards at last night's Google Play's Best Of 2022 Awards. Apex Mobile won both the Best Game and Users' Choice awards, knocking aside competition like Diablo Immortal and Rocket League Sideswipe.

The wins aren't too surprising given the massive hype surrounding the game upon its release, with over 15 million players pre-registering ahead of launch. Earlier this week, Apex Mobile's latest mid-season update, Underworld, went live, bringing a fear-inducing fan-favorite to the mobile game in the form of Revenant: a reanimated, robotic hitman the game's character selection screen simply describes as a "synthetic nightmare."

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The new update has also introduced additional game modes like Gun Game and Airdrop Escalation (the latter of which is set to go live later this month), and added a new battle pass full of Nightmare-Before-Christmas-esque cosmetic that allude to both the upcoming holiday season and Revenant's haunting existence as a creature that forever occupies a sort of purgatory--unalive, and yet unable to be killed.

The mobile game--a joint venture between Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment and the mobile game masterminds at Lightspeed Entertainment--has enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive reception from mobile shooter fans, adding some spice to the traditional Apex Legends formula with the addition of a perk system and mobile-exclusive legends (though players won't be seeing any new mobile-only legends this season). These changes caught the attention of players (and their wallets), with the game raking in $5 million and becoming the most-downloaded game in 60 countries in the week immediately following its March 2022 launch.

When it comes to the 2022 awards season, Apex Legends Mobile is the uncontested champ of mobile gaming. But things could change next Thursday, when Respawn's first-ever mobile venture will once again face off with Diablo Immortal--in addition to other mobile juggernauts like Marvel Snap and Genshin Impact at The 2022 Game Awards. Will Apex Legends Mobile come out on top once again, or will another legendary winner take its crown? The outcome is anyone's guess, but players can cast their votes for Best Mobile Game via The Game Awards' official website.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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