Apex Legends' Holo-Day Bash Event Returns This December

The limited-time event offers players a second chance to claim any of the winter-themed character skins they missed out on from last year's Holo-Day Bash.


The first limited-time event for Apex Legends Season 7 will soon be here. The Christmas and winter-themed Holo-Day Bash is returning to Apex Legends, seeing the return of a fan-favorite limited-time mode: The Winter Express. Holo-Day Bash begins December 1 and will continue through to January 4.

The Winter Express will be a little different this year. The mode still takes place on the ice half of World's Edge and sees several teams of three compete in a King of the Hill competition for control of a moving train. This time around, however, when your squad is wiped, you'll all spawn on your team's personal supply ship. From there, you can survey the battlefield below and redeploy to an ideal spot.

Holo-Day Bash also adds a limited-time prize track for you to progress through by completing daily challenges, allowing you to earn unique cosmetics and banner badges. The in-game store is stocking up on new skins as well, including legendary skins for Revenant and Loba.

If you happened to miss out on 2020's Holo-Day Bash, several of last year's skins are being rotated back into the store, such as Octane's legendary Dasher and Gibraltar's legendary Brudda Bear. You'll have a second chance for Bloodhound and Wraith's town takeover skins as well--from December 22 through January 4, you can buy Bloodhound's legendary Young Blood and a recolor of Wraith's legendary Voidwalker. Remember, owning these skins unlocks unique intro animations for their respective characters.

Apex Legends is celebrating Black Friday 2020 as well--the game's Black Friday sale is now officially live. Head into the in-game store to find discounts on Apex Packs as well as epic and legendary character and weapon skins from past limited-time events and offerings, including the return of one of the biggest fan-requested skins: Wraith's legendary Airship Assassin. That's right, the badass black and brown recoloring of Wraith's pink Void Specialist skin is back! For those who haven't played Apex Legends since day one, Airship Assassin is a highly sought-after skin for Wraith that was offered as a limited-time deal back in 2019 right after Apex Legends first launched, and has never been offered since. Well, until today anyway. Better act fast, log-in, and buy it if you want it--who knows if Respawn will ever bring it back a third time.

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