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Apex Legends: Get Free Apex Packs And Pathfinder Skin With Twitch Prime

Get a free exclusive skin and other cosmetics for Respawn's new battle royale game.


Twitch is offering a new freebie for Prime members. For a limited time, players can get a free loot pack for Respawn's new battle royale game, Apex Legends. The pack is available on PS4, Xbox One, or PC and contains an exclusive skin, among other rewards. However, this can only be claimed on a single platform per account, meaning you have to be careful of how and when you complete the process.

The Apex Legends Twitch Prime Pack comes with a variety of cosmetics for the battle royale game. The highlight is the legendary Omega Point skin for Pathfinder (pictured below), but it also includes five Apex Packs, the game's equivalent of loot boxes which contain a random assortment of cosmetic items such as skins, weapon skins, and emotes. They don't contain Legends, the game's various playable character classes; the two you don't have access to right from the start can be earned by purchasing them with a currency you can buy or earn by playing. Opting for the latter route takes a while.

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To claim the Twitch Prime Pack, you'll first need to link your Twitch account with your EA Account, then click on the crown-shaped Prime Loot icon on Twitch's website. As previously mentioned, the pack is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but you can only redeem it once, and only on the first platform you log into with your linked EA Account. You can read more in the FAQ.

This is not the only freebie available to Apex Legends players. PS Plus members are entitled to a bonus, as are those with EA or Origin Access memberships.

Twitch Prime is one of the perks included in an Amazon Prime membership, and it offers freebies for a variety of games. Members can also download a selection of titles every month at no charge; February's batch includes Pikuniku, Dear Esther: Landmark Edition, Downwell, The Flame in the Flood, and Draknek & Co Puzzle Collection. Square Enix is also separately offering Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition for free until May 3.

Apex Legends launched earlier this month following a surprise reveal, and it's already hit a huge player milestone. Much like Fortnite, it's free to download and play, but it also places a heavier emphasis on teamwork and features a variety of characters with unique abilities and characteristics, not unlike Overwatch. If you're new to the game, be sure to check out GameSpot's guides roundup for helpful tips and strategies.

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