Apex Legends Celebrates 2 Years With New Event, Legendary Skins

The Anniversary Collection Event offers you the chance to unlock enough Heirloom Shards to earn whichever heirloom you want.


Apex Legends has had a transformative second year, and in celebration, the battle royale game is getting a limited-time Anniversary Collection Event. The event starts on February 9 and continues to February 23.

Anniversary Collection Event replaces the standard Play Apex with the Locked and Loaded Takeover, causing everyone to hit the ground running with a Mozambique, White Shotgun Bolt, HCOG Classic Scope, White Evo Shield, White Helmet, White Backpack, White Knockdown Shield, two Syringes, two Shield Cells, and one stack of shotgun ammo. All white-level attachments and equipment are also removed from the loot pool, meaning you'll only find blue-, purple-, and gold-tier loot.

Additionally, the event adds Respawn red-recolored renditions of 24 fan-favorite legendary character and weapon skins that were released during the past two years, like Octane's Jade Tiger (added in Season 2: Battle Charge) and Wraith's Void Prowler (added in Season 6: Boosted). No new heirloom this time around; instead, if you buy all 24 items in this collection event, you'll unlock 150 Heirloom Shards, allowing you to purchase whichever heirloom you want.

The event also has challenges to complete in order to unlock exclusive prizes on the reward track, like weapon charms, holo-sprays, and Apex Packs. To unlock the three special reward track badges, you'll need to complete the following challenges:

  • Nessie Badge: Complete 75 Daily Challenges
  • Mozambique Badge: Deal 102,816 Damage (the number is reference to Titanfall 2's release date, which is October 28, 2016)
  • Smolfinder Badge: Win with 8 different Legends
There are 22 items in this prize track, but you only have until February 23 to earn 'em all.
There are 22 items in this prize track, but you only have until February 23 to earn 'em all.

Just before Apex Legends celebrated its second birthday, the game got a new season. Season 8: Mayhem adds playable character Fuse, the 30-30 Repeater, and some welcome changes to Kings Canyon. The game is scheduled to release for Switch in March.

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