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Apex Legends Adds New Story Content That You'll Play During Normal Matches

Respawn is rolling out a new event series called Apex Chronicles, and it kicks off September 29.


Apex Legends is injecting more storytelling into its battle royale experience. Respawn has announced a new event called Apex Chronicles. Described as a "bite-sized" story event, Chronicles are meant to add more story elements into Apex Legends through challenges and "experiences."

The first Apex Chronicle is called Old Ways, New Dawn, and it's scheduled for release on September 29. This is notable because it's among the first times that story content is experienced by completing objectives during a normal match.

The White Raven
The White Raven

This first event is themed around Bloodhound and it involves a special mission. "The journey follows Bloodhound as they try to save an injured prowler and deal with the guilt over their crumbling home world and past failures," Respawn said.

Players must select Bloodhound and take part in a non-ranked battle royale match to start the quest, which takes place on Bloodhound's home, World's Edge. To start the quest, you must find a white raven, which you can see in the image above.

The Old Ways, New Dawn event is not the same for every player. "Players are assigned unique paths to chase, so even if multiple Bloodhound players are going for the challenge at the same time, they'll be able to avoid overlap with others," Respawn said.

An early look at the first Apex Chronicle
An early look at the first Apex Chronicle

Those who cannot finish the mission during a match will be able to pick up where they left off in the next game thanks to a checkpoint system. Lastly, Respawn said another incentive to take part and complete the Chronicle missions is that players will earn Battle Pass stars. For the Old Ways, New Dawn event specifically, players can earn three Apex packs themed around Bloodhound.

Respawn is currently largely focused on Apex Legends and potentially another Star Wars game after Jedi Fallen Order became a huge commercial success. Fans hoping the studio will return to Titanfall someday, and the developer recently teased that "who knows" what will happen with the series in the future.

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