Respawn Teases More Titanfall After Reports The Franchise Is On The Backburner

There's still more Titanfall in our future, according to a vague tweet on Respawn's official account.


Respawn wants you to know it hasn't given up on Titanfall, despite recent reports to the contrary. Yesterday, news outlets picked up a comment from Respawn community coordinator Jason Garza, who said that the company was working on too many games to focus on Titanfall right now. In response to the reports, the company has tweeted a vague statement that "Titanfall is the very core of our DNA."

The initial information came from comments made by Respawn community coordinator Jason Garza in a YouTube livestream, albeit on a channel not associated with the company aside from Garza's employment. When asked by fans about the possibility of a new Titanfall he said: "There's nothing. There's nothing there." Garza did say that Respawn was working on the DDOS attacks plaguing Titanfall 1 and 2, however.

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After the story was picked up by numerous gaming news outlets, Respawn has released an official, if vague, statement on the matter via its Twitter account.

While many fans have taken the tweet as confirmation that Titanfall 3 is in the works, the wording is intentionally vague, with no mention of an actual project or a timeframe beyond saying "who knows what the future holds..."

It's most likely that the tweet was intended to debunk rumors that Respawn was completely abandoning the Titanfall franchise, rather than directly teasing a new game in the series.

At present, Respawn has a lot on its plate with its Battle Royale game Apex Legends, which remains popular with fans despite ongoing server issues.

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