Apex Legends Adds Cross-Play And Aftermarket Collection Event In October Update

Players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC can play together starting next week.


Respawn Entertainment's next Apex Legends update will bring in several major changes including allowing players across all platforms to play together. Launching on October 6, the update will include cross-play across systems, a new limited-time mode, and the Aftermarket collection event. [Update: The full Apex patch notes are here, detailing all the ways in which Respawn is adjusting the game--including nerfs to Wraith and Pathfinder.]

Cross-play will launch in beta and will work on all currently supported platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin (plus Steam once Apex Legends becomes available). The option is enabled by default, and players can add friends to their party by searching for their username. Unfortunately, there is no cross-progression between platforms at this time, although Respawn promises an update on that feature once Apex Legends releases on Steam later this year.

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The addition of cross-play also brings some changes to how matchmaking works in the shooter. The game will primarily separate PC and console players, as those playing with a keyboard and mouse have an advantage over those using a controller. However, when a cross-play party includes console and PC players, it will match everyone into a PC match. Those who wish to disable cross-play will only be put into matches with their current platform. Respawn suggests that fans don't disable the feature as it may make queue times "very, very long."

Also launching next week is a limited-time mode called Flashpoint, which features special zones in Kings Canyon that regenerate the health and shields of players. The trade-off is that healing items do not spawn in this mode, so the usage of these flashpoints is crucial to survival. According to Respawn systems designer Mark Yampolsky, the mode is designed to create a team deathmatch atmosphere and players will be able to craft Phoenix Kits at crafting replicators for a price.

Apex Legends Aftermarket event prize track
Apex Legends Aftermarket event prize track

Other new additions to the October 6 patch include the Aftermarket Collection Event, which brings 24 themed limited-time cosmetics into the store. Items can be purchased directly for either Apex Coins or Crafting Metals. There will also be event bundles that come at a discounted rate. You can see the new items on EA's website or get a look at the prize track above for the event, which includes exclusive rewards. Up to 1,000 points can be earned per day by doing challenges (while still allowing you to progress your battle pass) to work your way toward these prizes.

Beyond all this, Respawn also promises additional significant updates in the future and promises that "quality of life fixes" will be announced soon.

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