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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pumpkin And Spooky Set DIY Recipe Guide

Full list of pumpkin DIY items from Spooky Set and where to get recipes.


The Halloween update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is live and perhaps its most anticipated addition, pumpkins, are now available. While pumpkins make great decorations on their own, there are also a handful of pumpkin DIY recipes you can collect and craft. Here's a list of all the Spooky Set pumpkin DIY recipes we know of so far and where to find them.

How To Get Pumpkins

Pumpkins can be harvested from seeds, which you can now buy and plant. Check out our guide on how to get pumpkins for details on how to grow and harvest your own. You'll need to save up a bunch if you want to craft all the pumpkin DIY recipes this season.

How To Get Pumpkin DIY Recipes (Spooky Set)

  • Gifted from villagers
  • Shot down from balloons

You can find pumpkin DIY recipes, also called the Spooky Set, from villagers or by shooting down balloons.

There are three crafting sessions per day in your village, depending on when you login. Each session lasts three hours, giving you ample time to visit your villagers and see what they might be crafting at home. Simply swing by a villager's house, enter it, and chat with them if they're crafting something at their DIY workbench. If a villager is crafting a DIY recipe you already have, there may be a chance they'll give you pumpkins instead of a spare card, but we have not verified this for ourselves yet.

Spooky Set pumpkin DIY recipes available to craft.
Spooky Set pumpkin DIY recipes available to craft.

You can also retrieve pumpkin DIY recipes by shooting down balloons. There are still acorn and pine cone DIY recipes available to collect through November on Northern Hemisphere islands as well, so don't forget to use your slingshot on them when you see one!

Some of the Spooky Set item recipes are only available on Halloween Day, which is October 31, and some don't have recipes at all, including the spooky wall, spooky flooring, and spooky rug. We believe these can only be obtained by giving villagers candy on Halloween. We are still attempting to verify which items are Halloween Day-exclusive and which ones don't have recipe cards.

All Pumpkin DIY Recipes And Spooky Set Items

  • spooky arch
  • spooky candy set
  • spooky chair
  • spooky fence
  • spooky lantern
  • spooky lantern set
  • spooky scarecrow
  • spooky standing lamp
  • spooky table
  • spooky tower

Halloween Day Exclusive Recipes

  • spooky carriage
  • spooky garland
  • spooky table setting
  • spooky wand

How To Customize Spooky Set Items

Spooky Set customized with the rare green pumpkin. Check out more color varieties below.
Spooky Set customized with the rare green pumpkin. Check out more color varieties below.

You can customize Spooky Set items using different color varieties of pumpkin rather than customization kits. Pumpkin color varieties are random and the DIY recipes will produce orange pumpkin items by default. Read our pumpkin growing guide for more information.

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