Andre 'Gretorp' Hengchua moves on from NASL

One of the main commentators for the North American Star League (NASL) announced on the company's 3-year celebration stream that he will be leaving the organisation.


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After 3 years as one of the organisation's main commentators, Andre 'Gretorp' Hengchua let the world know yesterday that he will be leaving the company in a week's time.

Gretorp was the project's first initial full-time caster throughout the tournament's infamous first season where he co-commentated with Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson, and is the second caster along with Dan 'Frodan' Chou to leave the organisation in 2013. Hengchua has yet to announce what he will pursue next, but stated in a Tweet that his next endevaour as of now is not directly related to esports.

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