Anarchy Online launch woes

Funcom addresses problems associated with the launch of its massively multiplayer RPG.


Over the weekend, customer service manager Marius Enge of Funcom posted a message on the official Anarchy Online message boards stating that Funcom is currently working hard to address various problems with the recently released massively multiplayer RPG. Numerous complaints from Anarchy Online customers cited problems with registration and difficulties retrieving patches needed to play the game.

"Currently all of Funcom is working full throttle to fix the registration system troubles," Enge wrote. "The Anarchy Online support team is working extremely hard to answer all of the questions and concerns that we have been receiving throughout the past days." Enge also stressed that no accounts will be charged until the support team has completely taken care of all registration problems. "For those receiving multiple registration confirmations, you will not be billed more than once per each CD-key," he continued. "We have not charged any accounts, nor will do so, until we are 110 percent that everything is in order and correct."

Funcom has already implemented a secure server for credit card registration, as well as a fix for a password error that several users had reported over the weekend. However, the developer concedes that Anarchy Online has other problems with registration and in-game performance, and has made numerous posts to its community site regarding such issues. GameSpot will have a full review of Anarchy Online soon. Until then, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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