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America's Army 3 dev team discharged

US Army confirms squad behind free-to-play armed-conflict simulator has been let go, future updates shifted to Redstone Arsenal, Alabama outfit.


Earlier this week, the US Army released its latest iteration of its free-to-play recruitment tool, America's Army 3 for the PC. The launch, however, has been fraught with issues, with public representatives for the project saying that "due to this massive number of simultaneous connections, we're having some trouble keeping up with the demand."

Duck and cover!
Duck and cover!

One place the Army isn't likely to get help in resolving those issues is from the Emeryville, California-based team that developed the project. A representative for America's Army 3 confirmed for GameSpot today that the development team was discharged from the project, with all future endeavors shifted to an outfit working out of Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

"The contractor team at Emeryville was responsible for completing work on our first release of the America’s Army 3 game," the US Army said in a statement. "That work was completed on 16 June and our game launched on 17 June. With that milestone complete, we are consolidating our development efforts at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama."

"In 2005, we established the America's Army program office at Redstone Arsenal to oversee development of both the public game and government applications of America’s Army 3," the statement continued. "Since that time, we have grown the team at Redstone to manage our contractor team in Emeryville and expand use of the game within the government. By consolidating operations at Redstone, we expect to gain additional efficiencies between our public and government applications."

The America's Army 3 representative did not indicate how many employees were affected by the transition, saying only that future game content will continue to be released in the coming months.

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