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Amazon's Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off Deal On Video Game Art Books Is Back For Prime Day

If you ever wanted to build a collection of fine video game art, Amazon's latest Prime Day special will get your library filled up in no time.


Every video game has to start somewhere, and for some titles, that beginning comes from a page of art that lays the foundation for the world that its developers want to create. For Amazon Prime Day, the retailer has a new special which offers a big discount on video game art books: buy one, get 50% off the price of the next one.

Some of the books on offer--most of which have already been heavily discounted--include deep dives into the making of recent games such as Doom Eternal, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and Ghost of Tsushima. For fans of older games, there are plenty of books available as well that are focused on classic properties such as Dead Space, Devil May Cry, and an entire trilogy of Capcom art books from the talented artists at UDON studio.

It's worth noting that for this special, the cheapest book out of the two that you add to your cart will get a 50% discount. It's an offer that stacks up pretty well, and you'll be able to build up an impressive collection of video game art with this deal. For more video game bargains, don't forget to check out our Best Prime Day Deals and best Prime Day gaming deals.

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