Amazon And Paramount Are Developing An Event Horizon TV Show

Let's all go back to Space Hell

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Let's face it: Space is scary. Between the endless, uncaring void, the potential for chest-bursting aliens, and the omnipresent threat of catastrophic tech failure and accident, the cosmos itself is already horrific enough just on its own. But, if you needed yet another reason to be made extremely uncomfortable by the prospect of the abyss--don't worry. Variety has reported that Paramount and Amazon are teaming up to develop a TV adaptation of the 1997 sci-fi horror classic, Event Horizon.

Though no details are currently available, it has been reported that Adam Wingard (Godzilla vs. Kong, Blair Witch, You're Next) will be leading the charge. Whether or not the show will be a reboot of the movie, a continuation of the story set within the same universe, or something else entirely remains a mystery.

Originally directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, the man responsible for bringing us the first live-action Mortal Kombat movie, Event Horizon featured Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburn on an ill-fated space mission that, eventually, culminated in them piercing the cosmic barriers between our reality and a horrifying hell-dimension, all while trying to run a rescue mission on a derelict space ship. That's right: Neill and Fishburn were sent to Space Hell, and it went about as well (and as brutally) as you could imagine.

One part Alien, one part Danny Boyle's Sunshine, ten parts Hellraiser, Event Horizon blurred the lines between the metaphysical realms of spirituality, ghosts, and demons with the hard facts of scientific theory and space-age engineering with all the charm and practical effects of its late-'90s era.

Don't worry, we may not have a ton of information on this one just yet, but there is still plenty of horror to look forward to this year. And some of it is already streaming.

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