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Almost All Destiny 2 Heavy Grenade Launchers Disabled Because They're Way Too Good

The grenade launchers were supposed to get a 10% buff, but Bungie accidentally gave them even more of a boost.


Update: Well, it's clear Bungie has taken notice of Destiny 2's overpowered heavy grenade launchers. It's taken the drastic step of disabling all non-sunset heavy grenade launchers, with a few exceptions. Uncommon rarity ones can still be used, as can two Exotics: Salvation's Grip and Parasite, the latter of which was exempt from the intended buff in this week's patch.

There's no word on when these guns will be reactivated, but any chance of them being used to skate through the King's Fall raid this weekend (or any other difficult activity) has now been eliminated.

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Original story: It looks like Bungie may have accidentally buffed Destiny 2's heavy grenade launchers more than it originally intended to, as players discover they now do massive amounts of damage to enemies.

As reported by Destiny 2 YouTuber Fallout Plays, it's been discovered that although heavy grenade launchers were supposed to get a 10% buff in PvE against majors and above, their damage output has instead been increased 2.5 times the original amount. This means all heavy grenade launchers, including Anarchy, have a 150% buff making them incredibly overpowered.

One player named SkyWarrior provided Fallout Plays with a damage chart prior to the patch showing that the average DPS for the heavy grenade launcher was around 18,198 in Season of the Haunted. Now, in Season of Plunder, the chart shows that it has skyrocketed to over 41,345.

Fallout Plays demonstrated the power of the weapon on the boss Shayotet Partisan, showing that it only takes three to four shots to kill him. The only grenade launcher that hasn't been changed is Parasite--as Bungie explained in the patch notes that it already does enough damage on its own.

However, the biggest noticeable change is to Anarchy, which outputs around 33,500 damage per tick with two single shots, and a grand total of 321,456 damage. The damage only stopped rising due to the fact that Partisan died before the game could register anymore. At high-energy fire, the DPS dramatically also increases to 40,300 damage per tick.

It's unclear at this time if Bungie is aware of the issue, but players are hoping a hotfix will be implemented before the day one raid race begins on Friday.

If you're looking for some season 18 guidance, here's how to get map fragments, treasure coordinates, and maps in Season of Plunder, as well as a helpful Ketchcrash guide on how to complete the season's activity.

Yesterday, the Bungie unveiled Destiny 2: Lightfall, the latest expansion that is set to arrive on February 28, 2023.

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