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All Prime Day Deals On Nvidia And AMD Video Cards, Big Sales On GPUs

Whether you're looking for budget-level, mid-range, or high-end GPUs, there are decent Prime Day sales for PC gamers looking to upgrade or build a new rig.


Video cards are the centerpiece for any PC gaming rig, and investing in the right one will help you get the most out of your setup. They also tend to be the most expensive part in a gaming PC, so Amazon Prime Day (July 11-12) is a great time to look into deals for saving on pricey video cards. These deals cover a wide range of prices, so whether you're looking for a budget-level GPU or a top-end powerhouse, there is sure to be a video card for you.

Some of the best deals during this Prime Day are for mid-range Nvidia GPUs, like the Zotac RTX 3060 OC for $275 (down from $340), the Asus Dual (White OC Edition) RTX 3060 at $280 (previously $370), or the stronger Asus Dual RTX 3060 Ti OC Edition for $340 (down from $430). If you prefer AMD's Radeon cards, you may want to look into the MSI RX 6750 XT for $355 (previously $445) or the PowerColor RX 6800 XT for $480 (originally $570).

A few of the deeper discounts can be found on budget-friendly cards like EVGA's RTX 2060 SC at $200 (down from $360) and the Asus Dual (OC Edition) RTX 3050 for $220 (down from $380). But you can also shave off a decent chunk from the super high-end GPUs like the Zotac Trinity RTX 4080 for $1098 (previously $1300) or the MSI Trio RTX 7900 XTX at $925 (originally $1125).

More Prime Day Deals

There are plenty of other deals for PC gamers during this Prime Day, so be sure to check out the huge discounts on super-fast WD Black and Samsung NVMe SSDs, Steelseries peripherials like mice and headsets, and a roster of Samsung gaming monitors. And if you'd rather get a new system wholesale, be sure to check out some of the prebuilt gaming PCs on sale now.

Inventory on some of these GPUs may also be limited, so be aware of when these cards are running out of stock (or getting restocked). Below is the full list of video cards on sale during Prime Day along with their discounted prices, original prices, and links to each item page.

Budget-Friendly Nvidia GPU Prime Day Deals

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Mid-Range Nvidia GPU Prime Day Deals

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High-End Nvidia GPU Prime Day Deals

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Budget/Mid-Range AMD Radeon Prime Day Deals

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High-End AMD Radeon Prime Day Deals

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Intel Arc Video Card/CPU Bundles

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