Alice on the Silver Screen?

American McGee's dark and stylized PC adaptation of Alice in Wonderland may end up in Hollywood.


American McGee's Alice

The latest movie-deal rumors suggest that Electronic Arts has signed a deal with Miramax to base a new Alice in Wonderland movie on American McGee's dark version, according to a report by FGN Online. The game's character designs and overall dark adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic novel are said to be the basis of the deal. American McGee may even have a creative role in the movie's production.

American McGee's adaptation turns the cute Disney version on its head. In the game, Alice must return to Wonderland to right the chaos that the return of the Dark Queen and her minions has brought to the land.

Alice is powered by the Quake III engine, but it uses a third-person perspective and proprietary camera innovations to best situate the game's characters in the outlandish environments. Look to the right for more information on the game.

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