AEW: Cody And Chris Jericho Just Made Their Full Gear Match A Must-See

AEW Full Gear airs Saturday, November 9.


All Elite Wrestling is barreling toward the Full Gear pay-per-view event on Saturday, the first such event since launching a weekly show. On the final stop before the event, Cody and Chris Jericho--who will be battling for the AEW World Championship--offered up dueling segments that are quite possibly the greatest moments seen on a pro wrestling program in recent memory.

The night started with a work from Cody, who took to the ring to address his opponent and did so with a career-making promo that took aim at Jericho and the generational divide between the two of them.

"You've taken to calling my lot' entitled millennials.' You've called me an 'entitled millennial b****.' I've neglected to read in your best-selling book A Lion's Tale, which you can get on Amazon for three dollars or at any flea market, I neglected to read about the upbringing you had that was so hard. You talked about my silver spoon. Gosh, it must have been so difficult being the upper-class son of a famous hockey player. It is almost like we shared the exact same silver spoon, you stupid d***!"

He continued, "You dismissed every accomplishment I've made. You've talked about my father. Well you call me an 'entitled millennial,' I call you a carny succubus because the dirty secret about you--the dirty secret is that you need this generation the more than it needs you and you surrounded yourself with impressionable youth. This isn't about my dad. This isn't about the dead, it's about the living. It's about my mother, it's about my sister, it's about my wife, it's about the 14 years it took me to go from undesirable to un-godd***-deniable!"

The promo is Cody's best work to date and is something wrestling fans are going to want to check out. Then there's Chris Jericho's segment from the show.

Jericho is unique in that he seems to only get better with age. No matter who his character is at any given moment, he's always in complete control of it--and his current run as Le Champion in AEW is among the best versions of Jericho yet.

The short film that aired, featuring interviews with his fellow Inner Circle members, as well as Virgil, the Million Dollar Man's former butler, was art. It was almost a shot-for-shot recreation of an earlier video package focused on Cody, but with absurd comedy layered over everything. Whether it was Sammy Guevara claiming Jericho is the youngest AEW champion ever or Virgil reminding audiences he's not a farmer, the entire production was top notch and ridiculously entertaining.

It also illustrated how different Jericho's approach to the match is from Cody's. For Cody, this is a do-or-die bout. Should he lose, he'll never be able to challenge for the AEW World Title again. For Jericho, though, Cody is a mere peon taking up space in Chris Jericho's world.

While this was always going to be a good match given the talent between the two, these two segments made Full Gear a can't-miss show for wrestling fans.

AEW Full Gear airs live on pay-per-view on Saturday, November 9. Make sure to check out all the details and complete match card for the event to properly prepare yourself.

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