Adorable puppies coming to PS Vita June 3, dev says PlayStation Vita Pets is "no ordinary pet game"

PlayStation Vita Pets gets a launch date.

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Sony today announced that PlayStation Vita Pets, a new title it describes as "no ordinary pet game," will launch June 3. Developed by Spiral House (EyePet, EyePet Adventures), PlayStation Vita Pets starts out by letting you choose from four different puppies--and each has their own personality, sense of humor, and character traits, Sony says.

Once you've become acquainted with your new canine companion, you'll embark on an adventure across a fantasy world called Castlewood Island to "uncover the long lost legend of a king and his dog."

Throughout PlayStation Vita Pets you can dress, play with, bathe, and train your dog, Sony says. You'll also solve puzzles and explore a "massive forest," as well as locations like "spooky mines" and graveyards on your journey.

You can't complete your adventure on your own, Sony reminds us. You'll need to nurture, train, and play with your pup to gain the necessary skills to solve the game's puzzles. Sony promises that crawling, pulling, digging, and jumping will all be part of the experience.

Sony has not announced a price for PlayStation Vita Pets.

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