Additional Dissidia 012: Duodecim details surface

Final Fantasy fighting game's Dungeon Play mode explored in further detail.


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Due to popular demand, the fighting game spin-off Dissidia: Final Fantasy will be getting a sequel called Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy. As the game's March release date draws near, more details have been revealed about the title's single-player mode.

According to a recent Famitsu article (translated by, the single-player mode will let gamers wander around the world map ripe for exploration. When gamers come across gates scattered throughout the overworld, they will enter a dungeon where the stage is laid out in a boardlike fashion similar to Dissidia Final Fantasy. The objective is to reach the goal at the end, fighting against spectral versions of preexisting fighters and collecting treasure along the way.

Just before entering one, an information screen pops up to show off the dungeon's name and parameters. One of the new conditions is called "bonus level." If an even- or lower-level player chooses to complete the dungeon with a high bonus level number, the player will receive bonuses including additional items and bonus kupo points (KP). High-level players can choose to drop their level to the dungeon's bonus level number temporarily to gain extra spoils. Players will earn KP when they win fights, which can be traded for items from moogle vendors located on the world map.

Prishe beats up Garland.
Prishe beats up Garland.

The article also details a recent addition in the Dissidia Duodecim roster. Joining Lightning, Laguna, Yuna, Kain, Tifa, and Vaan is Final Fantasy XI's Prishe. The Elvaan warrior is gifted with the ability to customize her magic and weapon skills into different combos just before a fight. Players will get to mix and match attacks like Banishga and Asuran Fists into a chain on the ability screen.

The character will be voiced by Aya Hirano, a renowned Japanese voice actress and J-pop singer. Her battle stage is set in the final battle area on Empyreal Paradox from the Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promethia expansion pack.

Other tidbits revealed in the article include additional costumes for the cast. Tifa will have the costume she wore in Final Fantasy VII during the Nibelheim flashback, while Laguna will have his Esthar president suit in Final Fantasy VIII. Vaan will acquire his Final Fantasy Tactics A2 clothing.

Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy will be out in Japan on March 3, while the North American version will be out on March 22.

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