Add a Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theme to Your Google Experience

Will you choose the Light Side or the Dark?


As Star Wars: The Force Awakens approaches, it's time to pick a side--the Dark or the Light? And more specifically, which side should your browser be on? Google are now offering their users the chance to add Star Wars customisation their desktops and apps by heading to Check out this short promo:

Activating one or the other choice will add a variety of Jedi or Sith-powered enhancements to your Google experience. YouTube's progress bars turn into lightsabers, Google Map markers becomes TIE Fighters or Millennium Falcons, Google Translate now includes alien languages, and Gmail showcases Star Wars-themed backgrounds. The company also promises more additions between now and the movie's December 18 release, and settings can be turned off at any time. In any case, it will all deactivate on February 1, 2016.

In a post on his company blog, Clay Bavor, VP of product management at Google, said: "It's a place for fans, by fans, and starting today you can choose the light or the dark side, and then watch your favorite Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome, and many more transform to reflect your path.

"And that's just the beginning. We've got more coming between now and opening night--the Millennium Falcon in all its (virtual reality) glory included, so stay tuned. And we've hidden a few easter eggs, too."

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