Ad Infinitum Gets Re-Reveal Over Six Years After First Trailer

This horror game has just been lurking in the shadows.


Ad Infinitum--a World War 1 survival-horror game first announced all the way back in 2015--seemed like it had become vaporware, but that's no longer the case. During the Nacon Connect presentation on July 6, the game got a re-reveal trailer, though you will still have to wait a pretty long time before you can play it.

The re-reveal trailer features a dead soldier slumped over a barbed wire-covered obstacle, with what appears to be a mine just by his head. The mine doesn't detonate, but a mysterious creature grabs the body and disappears, and the camera pulls out to reveal dozens more dead soldiers in the same area.

"In Ad Infinitum, you play a conscripted German soldier returning home after the Great War, but the trauma you experienced in the trenches continues to haunt you," Nacon said. "Each night, hallucinations filled with horrific creatures, death traps, and mysteries mark your path to recovery. Overcome them to free yourself from your trauma and tear the veil of other, perhaps even more terrible mysteries."

Despite the dark horror themes, Ad Infinitum will still be set "in a realistic historical context," and it will feature puzzles, stealth, and a world that changes based on your decisions.

We'll have to wait a while to see how it all shapes up, however, as developer Hekate won't be releasing Ad Infinitum until 2023. When it does, the game will come to both consoles and PC. Back when it was first revealed, the game was being made with Unreal Engine 4, though Unreal Engine 5 is set to get a full release in 2022.

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