Activision fuels Blood Drive this November

Publisher set to hit the road on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with zombie-infested vehicular combat game at a $50 price point.


Sony might hope next year's PlayStation 3 debut of Twisted Metal sparks a revival for vehicular combat, but the long-convalescent genre will receive another transfusion this holiday season in the form of Activision's Blood Drive.

This is one Blood Drive not endorsed by the Red Cross.
This is one Blood Drive not endorsed by the Red Cross.

The publisher today announced that it would release Blood Drive for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this November for $50. As the name suggests, the M-for-Mature-rated driving game will bear a violent slant, pitting players not just against one another but also a legion of undead pedestrians littering the game's half-dozen environments. Activision is promising a variety of both zombies and vehicles in the game. Rides will run the gamut from muscle cars to construction equipment (including a large white van with a crazy clown motif), while shambling abominations include "frat boys, cops, strippers, and bachelorette partiers."

It's unclear at the moment which studio is developing the game. Activision could previously boast a wealth of experience in the genre, but shuttered internal studio Luxoflux, makers of the Vigilante 8 franchise, earlier this year. As of press time, Activision had not returned GameSpot's inquiry on the matter.

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