Activision announces Call of Duty brand

Activision announces that it will publish a series of war-inspired action games under its new Call of Duty brand. First screenshot inside.


Call of Duty

Activision has today announced that it will publish a series of action games inspired by wars in the 20th century under its new multiplatform Call of Duty brand. The first games in the series--currently in development for the PC at the recently formed Infinity Ward studio, which employs no less than 22 members of the team responsible for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault--will be set during World War II and, as will also be the case for Call of Duty games in the future, will see players assuming multiple roles as they progress through the game.

"The Call of Duty brand will deliver the most authentic, intense, and realistic battlefield experience from the perspective of multiple soldiers battling on the front lines," said Dusty Welch, vice president of global brand management, Activision. "No one soldier, or even one country, single-handedly wins wars, but rather wars are won through the collective efforts, teamwork, and bonds of everyday citizen soldiers from an alliance of nationalities who all heed their call of duty. It's the camaraderie of common soldiers coupled with authentic cinematic gameplay that will define the Call of Duty series."

"We're thrilled to partner with Activision on pioneering the Call of Duty brand," said Grant Collier, president of Infinity Ward. "Infinity Ward's mission is to make a game that is as historically accurate and realistic as possible, that will bring a new level of cinematic action to the genre. We are constantly researching locales, time periods, weapons, and vehicles in order to immerse players in the harsh realities of World War II. When gamers get their hands on Call of Duty, they will experience gripping battle sequences, ultrarealistic environments, and in-the-trenches, nonstop gameplay that will blow them away."

The World War II game in development at Infinity Ward does not have a title at this point, but Activision has revealed that among the characters that players will assume control of are a British commando, a US paratrooper, and a Russian infantryman. We'll bring you more information on Activision's Call of Duty games as soon as it becomes available.

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