Abandoned Realtime Experience App Only Contains A 5-Second Teaser

After multiple delays for polishing and months of rumors, the Abandoned Realtime Experience app is now live on PS5.


The Abandoned Realtime Experience App has finally gone live and it contains one extremely short trailer and a bunch of "coming soon" tabs. After multiple delays and months of confusion about who is actually making Abandoned--or what Abandoned even is--the app contains zero information about the game.

Abandoned Realtime Experience App
Abandoned Realtime Experience App

The app, which renders the trailers in real-time, contains four spots for trailers and two spots for gameplay demonstrations. Only the initial trailer box labeled "Introduction" actually contains anything and it features a few seconds of a person walking across a floor before saying "trailer coming soon" and "Playable prologue coming soon."

The app also has a tab for news and announcements which features a single message.

"We are excited to kick off the realtime experience app with a small introduction. The cinematic reveal and gameplay demonstration will be revealed soon! You can find the cinematic reveal and gameplay demo as a video online or rendered in realtime using this app."

It's unclear if the gameplay demo will be playable or not, whenever it actually releases. Upon opening the app there is a notice that states there is no playable content in the app, but the intro trailer says a playable demo is coming soon. Overall it takes about one minute to see everything there is to offer within the app, with no dates or release windows for any other trailers. You can watch a video below of the entire experience.

According to the initial PlayStation Blog announcement, Abandoned will launch on PS5 in late 2021. The only thing we know for sure is that it's not directed by Hideo Kojima.

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