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Abandoned Trailer App Goes Live August 10 Followed By First Official Reveal

The mysterious PS5 exclusive Abandoned will be unveiled when the first real reveal announcement drops sometime after the Trailers App goes live on August 10.


Blue Box Game Studios has attached a firm release date to the Trailers App for its PS5 exclusive Abandoned. We will finally get our first real look at the game in late August through the Trailers App, which goes live on August 10.

On the team's Twitter, Blue Box said preloading the Abandoned Trailers App will be free for all PlayStation 5 owners on July 29. In a follow-up tweet a few days later, Blue Box changed the app's name from Realtime Trailers to Realtime Experience--though it's unclear if this app is connected to the Abandoned Trailers App, furthering speculation around the survival sim.

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Still, Blue Box said fans can expect multiple trailers with varying durations (from 5-12 minutes when they're ready), gameplay demonstrations, and future live events. Furthermore, the Realtime Experience App requires a PS Plus membership in Germany "due to legal reasons," the developer said.

The Trailers App--or Realtime Experience App, if they are the same--was originally planned to launch on June 25. However, due to exhaustion, Blue Box pushed the app's release to give themselves more time for extra polish.

Abandoned has made headlines since its April teaser trailer for having a similar vibe to a Hideo Kojima project, at least according to many internet commenters. Director Hasan Kahraman and the legendary auteur share the same initials, leading fans to think the two might be one in the same. Kahraman has insisted he's not Kojima. However, he also appears to like moving around the embers under the fire a little bit, as a teaser image for the app features a guy with an eyepatch who definitely isn't Big Boss.

A survival shooter with horror elements, Abandoned is coming exclusively to PS5 in Q4 2021, Blue Box announced on the PlayStation Blog. The game will take advantage of the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback in the DualSense to simulate feelings like exhaustion and its immediate impacts.

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