A Silent Hill Fan Bought SilentHill.com Because Of Resident Evil Village

An unknown Silent Hill fan has claimed the franchise's domain name to show off Pyramid Head's height.


We've heard a lot of chatter about the height of a certain horror villain recently, but an unknown Silent Hill fan wants you to remember that Pyramid Head was here first. The apparently fan-owned site Silenthill.com now shows a picture of Silent Hill 2's Pyramid Head with a height diagram for scale, confirming that he is indeed nine feet tall. The message "he was first" accompanies the image, making its intended effect quite clear.

This is clearly a response to the popularity of Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu, a very tall vampire lady who really wants to kill protagonist Ethan Winters. The game's art director Tomonori Takano confirmed that Lady Dimitrescu is around nine and a half feet tall when you include her hat and high heels, which triggered a flood of fan jokes and interest.

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While the unknown fan certainly has a point about Pyramid Head, it's likely that Konami or some other party might want this domain back at some point. Recently, series composer Akira Yamaoka gave an interview where he said that a new project that he's working on is "the one you're hoping to hear about." The interview was pulled shortly after the clip went viral. However, Silent Hill reboot rumors have swirled for years at this point, being quashed again and again by Konami, so it's unclear if this is reliable.

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