A Real Life GTA Online Car Seems To Have Popped Up In Better Call Saul

Easter eggs in real life? Now I'll never get 100%.


A real life GTA Online easter egg has been spotted in the latest episode of Better Call Saul, which is called “Bagman”. If you missed it don’t feel bad, it was only on screen for a few seconds and required some real GTA Online knowledge to even spot.

During the opening scene, The Cousins arrive at a Salamanca safehouse to pick up the $7 million bail money that Saul needs to get his Cartel client out of jail. The twins walk through the garage filled with luxury cars, one of which is the easter egg. The blue sports car with the white stripe down the front may seem familiar to GTA Online players, what with it being in most player’s garages right now.

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The sports car is a real-life equivalent of the Bravado Banshee from GTA Online, which was a prize given away by Gamestop back in 2013. Since then it has had a variety of owners, before ending up in the hands of the Flat 12 Gallery car collectors and making its way onto the show.

The show creators of course weren’t aware of the significance of the car, they were probably just looking for some fancy cars to line up as part of the shot. It was only once the episode aired that fans started making the connection and pointed it out online.

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