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A New Remake Of The Blob Is Taking Shape At Warner Bros. Discovery

Oozing into a theater near you, soon.


A remake of The Blob is officially in production at Warner Bros. Discovery, and for this latest reimagining of the classic 1958 film, Hellraiser reboot director David Bruckner is attached to write and direct the film. According to The Wrap, plot details for this remake are being kept secret, but if you saw the original film, its first remake in 1972, or 1988's second remake starring a young Kevin Dillon, you'll have a pretty decent idea of what to expect.

Basically, a very hungry amorphous bioweapon oozing about and devouring everything in its path. A massive stomach with an insatiable appetite, the more the Blob eats the bigger it gets as it relentlessly pursues its next meal.

The first film starred legendary actor Steve McQueen in his first leading role, while the '70s remake was fairly entertaining for its time. The 80's remake is easily the most memorable Blob movie, as alongside an impressive cast, it featured some of the most gruesome and gnarliest deaths in the film series thanks to special effects lead Tony Gardner and his talented team.

The practical effects still hold up pretty well, and if you've got the stomach for it, you can watch teenagers melt, a grisly phone booth demise, and the drain clog from hell.

Bruckner's film credits include The Ritual and The Night House, and in 2022, his remake of Hellraiser for Hulu was well received. If you're in the mood to spike your heart rate, you can also check out several horror games coming to console near you in 2024.

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