A Key Neon Genesis Evangelion Animator Will Direct Tower Of God

Director, Takashi Sano, who has done key animation on Neon Genesis Evangelion, is helming Tower of God's anime.


Tower of God, a popular South Korean webtoon by SIU, is receiving an animated adaptation that will be part of Crunchyroll Originals. The Tower of God manhwa started in 2010 and has earned almost 4.5 billion views worldwide.

The team behind the Tower of God show is stacked, and the director, Takashi Sano, has had a hand in some stellar anime. He was a key animator on the Neon Genesis Evangelion, the show that has continued to live on in various incarnations on the internet.

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Sano was also the animation director for The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, the excellent Lupin spin-off that focuses on femme fatale Fujiko. He's also directed episodes of Gantz and more recently, storyboarded on Vinland Saga. Gantz and Vinland Saga were both standouts in their seasons and action-packed. Tower of God is perhaps not as violent as the aforementioned series, but contains plenty of fights and scuffles. With Sano's background in Gantz and Vinland Saga, the expectation for high-quality fight scenes is high.

The rest of the team also has participated in well-known shows too. Assistant director, Hirokazu Hanai did key animation for certain episodes on InuYasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and Hunter x Hunter (2011). Also, interestingly enough, the character designer for Bleach, Masashi Kudo, is also on the Tower of God project.

You can check out Tower of God's staff introduction over at Crunchyroll for more information. Tower of God is still ongoing too, and you can read it on Webtoon.

Crunchyroll's Tower of God's anime adaptation will be released in April.

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