A Dad Got Mark Wahlberg, Randall Park, JK Simmons, And More Celebrities To Film Daughter's Graduation Video

The congratulatory video is going viral for its huge number of cameos.


TikTok user Faith Isabelle went viral earlier this week when she shared a graduation video her dad made for her that starred the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Randall Park, Jensen Ackles, and even Jonathan Groff in his rendition of Hamilton's King George III. The TikToker said that her dad isn't a well-connected movie producer and that he didn't use a service like Cameo, instead achieving the feat through a combination of good strategy and hard work.

The TikTok video, as picked up by Entertainment Weekly, shares snippets of 14 different congratulatory videos, with Faith saying that some of the original clips run for over a minute. The celebrity cameos include Randall Park, Mark Wahlberg, Kat Dennings, Joshua Bassett, Gaten Matarazzo, J.K. Simmons, Jonathan Groff, Bob Saget, Sir Ben Kingsley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and more.

Curiously, Lori Loughlin also makes an appearance in the video, with commenters remarking on the irony of Loughlin's high school graduation well-wishes after the actress served time for her role in a college admissions fraud scheme.

Follow-up videos from Faith clarify that her father, who put the whole surprise together, is not particularly well-connected, though she did add that he was on TV once as a Wipeout contestant. The dad, who works as an "IT guy for the Marines" explained his strategy for getting the videos, saying that he sent out lots of emails to publicists and the like on Thursdays--explaining that Thursday is the best day to get a response.

As well as the clips in the original video, Faith also got a late-arriving video from Garth Brooks, a hand-written note from Lin-Manuel Miranda, and autographs from Robert Downey Jr, Daniel Radcliffe, and Mike Rowe.

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