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20 Halo Novels Are Eligible For Amazon's Buy Two, Get One Free Sale

Now's a great time to catch up on some outstanding Halo universe stories.


We've all played a lot of Halo over the past two decades and change, but I'm gonna be totally honest: in some ways I prefer Halo as a book franchise. That's not the dis toward the games that you might think it is, though, because there are some legitimately great Halo novels and short stories. Not "good for a video game tie-in," but actual high-quality writing that will give you a whole new appreciation for how lived-in the Halo universe is. If you enjoy the stories we've gotten in the Halo games, you're gonna love reading the books just as much or more. And now you can save some cash in the process, because Amazon is including 20 Halo novels (over 30 exist) in its massive buy two, get one free sale this week..

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You can get three Halo books in this deal, or you can mix and match with other stuff, like grabbing two movies on Blu-ray and grabbing a Halo book as the capper. The sale is enormous, and so the possibilities are pretty endless. But there's so many Halo books in this sale that you could take advantage of the deal several times over. You can add six books to your cart and get two free, nine books and get three free, etc.

B2G1 free Halo novels

We organized these novels by subseries, each of which has its own narrative arc. There are also several standalone Halo novels up for grabs as well as the anthology of smaller scale stories dubbed Halo: Fractures.

The book side of the Halo franchise actually began before the games with Halo: The Fall of Reach hitting shelves a month before the original game. That might seem silly, but The Fall of Reach totally rules--it set a high benchmark for quality right from the start. While not all of the Halo books that have been released since are up to that standard, a lot of them are--and they add a ton of really interesting context for those games you know so well.

As mentioned, there's tons of other stuff available in Amazon's B2G1 free sale. Here's some of the other cool stuff you can find in it:

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